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Whatever the occasion, our Professional Event Nannies will arrive at your event and care for any number of children in either a sole charge capacity or just generally helping out and entertaining your little guests so you can relax and enjoy the day in knowledge the children are having a fun packed day too.

Our Event nannies will use any play areas, toys and games provided by you, we can also provide personalised age appropriate busy bags to keep your little guests occupied throughout the event.

Event nannies are available during the day, evening and overnight. The service can be tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

The Parent & Child Nanny Agency also offers an Event Babysitting service and a full Mobile Crèche service.

An Event Nanny refers to an event childcarer who can be booked to attend an event and care for individual or small groups of children in a sole or shared charge capacity.

Our Event Nannies are qualified or experienced child carers with the majority being off-duty nannies, childminders, teachers, nursery nurses and Ofsted registered childcare professionals.

All event nannies registered with The Parent & Child Nanny Agency are met and interviewed by us, hold a DBS Enhanced Disclosure and have been thoroughly vetted, id and reference checked for complete peace of mind.

Event Nannies are a direct hire service, this means it is the responsibility of the host to ensure there are toys and activities and suitable playing space available. If toys, games and activities are required, you may wish to consider our mobile crèche service.

  • Carefully consider the number of hours you require and book childcare for those all-important ceremonies and speeches. You may need to allow some additional time for families to meet the event nannies and discuss their child’s needs and requirements before leaving them.
  • You may wish to discuss with your guests whether any additional childcare is required. The Parent & Child Nanny Agency can liaise directly with families who wish to book continued childcare or an event babysitter to escort the children to where they are staying and put them to bed.
  • Ensure you have booked enough event nannies to cover your requirement. Due to Ofsted’s minimum staffing ratio, event nannies can only care for an agreed number of children.
  • Ensure you inform your venue that you are booking event nannies as they may require you to take out an additional insurance policy.
As a guide and in relation to Ofsted’s minimum staffing ratio’s we work within the following recommended guidelines:

0 – 1 year    1 Event Nanny to every 3 children

2 – 3 years  1 Event Nanny to every 4 children

4 – 12 years 1 Event Nanny to every 8 children

The Parent & Child Nanny Agency charges a rate of £50 per event nanny per booking. In addition, our event nannies are paid directly at a rate of £12 per hour.
Booking an Event Nanny is simple:

  1. Complete our online booking form
  2. We will contact you directly to discuss any further details before confirming the booking
  3. We will provide a link to a child registration form. This form can be completed by the parents/guardians of each child and contains information useful to our event nannies such as allergies, special diets and additional needs.
  4. After briefing our event nannies they will make direct contact with you to introduce themselves.


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