Mobile Crèche Terms & Conditions, Agency Fees and Policies

The engagement or use of service by the Client is an acceptance by the Client of the Agency Terms and Conditions as set out below.

The Agency: The Parent & Child Nanny Agency
Crèche Nanny: A child carer provided to work in the crèche facility by The Parent & Child Nanny Agency
Client: The person/company confirming the mobile crèche booking or authorised to act on behalf of this person/company.
Parent: The parent/guardian of the child/children attending the mobile crèche
Child/Children: A person under the age of 16 years attending our mobile crèche facility
The Event: The day and time at which The Parent & Child Nanny Agency will be running a mobile crèche.
The Venue: the location at which The Parent & Child Nanny Agency will run a mobile crèche provision.
The Crèche: A mobile childcare provision provided by The Parent & Child Nanny Agency

Booking Terms:
1. The quotation provided by ‘The Agency’ is based upon the ages and the number of ‘Children’ attending ‘The Crèche’ at the time of booking. Any changes to the initial booking requirements may incur further charges.

2. Any ‘Child’ booked in to the ‘The Crèche’ facility with special needs must have a one to one ‘Crèche Nanny’. If this information has not been provided to ‘The Agency’ and the provision has not been specifically catered for prior to ‘The Event’, ‘and depending upon the severity of the ‘Child’s’ condition, ‘The Child’ may be refused entry in to ‘The Crèche’.

3. ‘The Agency’ quotation is based upon the location of ‘The Event’ from ‘The Agency’ HQ. Any later changes to the initial location may incur further charges if ‘The Agency’ and its ‘Crèche Nannies’ have a longer travelling distance and journey time.

4. ‘The Agency’ quotation includes a health & safety check and risk assessment which may be carried out by telephone or in person. Any changes to the location that require a second health & safety check and risk assessment, or circumstances where ‘The Agency’ are unable to carry out the necessary health & Safety check and risk assessment on arrival and will need to return on another date, will incur a further administration fee equal to 50% of the security deposit.

5. ‘The Agency’ quotation includes set up and tidy up times. ‘The Client’ is responsible for ensuring the room provided is in a clean and hygienic state prior to ‘The Event’. If the location is not suitable at the time of arrival, ‘The Agency’ may delay opening the ‘Mobile Crèche’ until premises are suitably cleaned and prepared.

6. A non-refundable deposit of £100 of the total quoted price is required to hold a secure booking.

7. ‘The Agency’ does not offer any refunds if fewer ‘Children’ than expected attend ‘The Crèche’ on the day of ‘The Event’.

8. ‘The Crèche’ will close once the last ‘Child’ has been signed out of ‘The Crèche’ by the ‘Parent’ or a nominated person.

9. If ‘The Crèche’ provision is outside or under a light shelter, ‘The Agency’ reserves the right to close ‘The Crèche’ temporarily or completely if rain/severe weather conditions set in until a suitable alternative location is sought.

10. If ‘The Client’ or families attending ‘The Crèche’ provide their own play equipment and toys, ‘The Agency’ will take great care but will not be held responsible for breakages or damage caused by children attending ‘The Crèche’. ‘The Agency’ reserves the right to remove unsuitable equipment or equipment not considered suitable for the ages of ‘Children’ attending ‘The Crèche’ for safety reasons.

11. ‘The Client’ is not authorised to contact ‘Crèche Nannies’ provided by ‘The Agency’ subsequent to the booking for future employment without further charges.

12. If a private babysitting service is requested once ‘The Crèche’ has closed, ‘Parents’ will be provided with specific babysitting terms at the time of booking.

13. Payment in full is required 28 days prior to ‘The Event’

14. ‘The Agency’ reserves the right to withdraw ‘The Crèche’ provision if payment is not received by the date specified on ‘The Client’ invoice.

Health & Safety:
1. ‘The Agency’ must have access to ‘The Venue’ to conduct a Health & Safety and risk assessment on the location and premises prior to ‘The Event’ or on the day of ‘The Event’

2. It is ‘The Client’s’ responsibility to provide a safe and suitable ‘Venue’ for ‘The Crèche’.

3. During the health & safety check and risk assessment, ‘The Agency’ will obtain information about the fire procedure and check doors, floors, exits and windows. The room or location is checked for cabling and obstructive objects at that point and on the day of ‘The Event’

4. If after conducting a risk assessment, ‘The Venue’ is deemed unsuitable, ‘The Agency’ will advise ‘The Client’ to make changes, request hazardous objects to be moved or request an alternative ‘Venue’.

5. If after conducting the risk assessment or prior to ‘The Event’, ‘The Client’ makes changes to the room such running cabling or installing equipment’s nearby, ‘The Client’ is require by ‘The Agency’ to notify ‘The Agency’ of these changes without delay.

6. On larger scale mobile Crèche events where a high volume of ‘Crèche Nannies’ are required, ‘The Agency’ may work with other companies, organisations and agencies. ‘The Agency’ and its ‘Crèche Nannies’ will at all times adhere to our stringent security, policies and code of practice.

7. ‘The Agency’ does not allow anyone external to enter ‘The Crèche’ unless they are a ‘Parent, nominated person or have been authorised by ‘The Client’ and ‘The Agency’.

8. Depending upon the size and location of ‘The Crèche’, ‘The Agency’ may authorise Nursing parents in to a supervised, nominated area of ‘The Crèche’ providing they adhere to ‘The Agencies’ terms within ‘The Crèche’

9. ‘The Agency’ does not allow ‘Parents’ or nominated persons to enter ‘The Crèche’ with alcohol, beverages or food of any kind.

10. If a ‘Child’ has provided their own food and drink within ‘The Crèche’, ‘The Agency’ will ensure all items have been placed in a named and labelled bag.

11. ‘The Agency’ requests all ‘Children’ remove shoes before entering ‘The Crèche’ unless ‘The Crèche’ is held outside.

12. ‘The Agency’ will request any ‘Child’ showing signs of D&V or any of contagious illness or condition, are collected immediately by the ‘Parent’ to inhibit further infection.

13. ‘The Crèche’ provided by ‘The Agency’ will be securely enclosed whether inside or outside. ‘Children’ will always be escorted by a ‘Crèche Nanny’ if required to leave ‘The Crèche’ for any reason or on occasion where a separate activity is held outside ‘The Crèche’ boundaries.

14. ‘The Agency’ will keep an accident record in case of accident or injury during ‘The Crèche’. The ‘Parent’ leaves their child/ren in ‘The Agencies’ care on the understanding that should their child be involved in an accident during ‘The Crèche’ provision, ‘The Agency’ and its ‘Crèche Nannies’ cannot be held responsible.

15. In case of an accident or in case a ‘Child’ becomes ill, the ‘Parent’ who registered them will be contacted immediately in addition to emergency services if necessary and arrangements for additional medical care at another location or hospital will be made required.

16. At the sound of the fire alarm, whether caused by a fire equipment drill/test or not, our ‘Crèche Nannies’ will evacuate all ‘Children’ attending ‘The Crèche; via the fire exits to the appointed fire assembly point. At this point the ‘Parents’ will be called to collect their children until it is suitably safe to return to ‘The Crèche’.

17. All equipment provided by ‘The Agency’ is cleaned and checked regularly and conforms to British Standards Regulations

18. ‘The Agency’ ensures that at least one ‘Crèche Nanny’ holds a current Paediatric First Aid Certificate.

19. ‘The Agency’ always carries a First Aid kit.

Parent/Guardian Role:
1. Every ‘Child’ booked in to ‘The Crèche’ must have a completed registration form signed by their ‘Parent’ to ensure ‘The Agency’ hold all relevant details about the ‘Child’, such as toileting, nappies, special needs or allergies.

2. At the end of ‘The Crèche’, ‘The Agency’ will only release the ‘Child’ to the person who completed and signed their registration form or a nominated and authorised person. ‘The Agency’ may use named tags, passwords or coding depending on the size of ‘The Event’.

3. If the ‘Parents’ or the ‘Client’ commissioning ‘The Crèche’ are providing food and drink for the ‘Children’, it will remain their responsibility to check the standard and suitability of the food and drink provided.

4. ‘Parents’ are responsible for providing personal care items for their ‘Children’, such as nappies and wipes and need to discuss their ‘Child’s’ individual care needs with the ‘Crèche Nanny’ if necessary.

5. ‘The Agency’ may outsource equipment, location hire and catering on behalf of the ‘Client’. It is the ‘Parents’ responsibility to ensure they are happy for their ‘Child’ to eat and drink the food and beverages provided.

6. ‘Crèche Nannies’ will not administer medication for the ‘Children’ in their care. If ‘Children’ require medication during ‘The Crèche’, the ‘Parent’ must maintain responsibility for the administration of medication and return to ‘The Crèche’ accordingly.

7. The ‘Parent’ must ensure that their ‘Child’s’ belongings are clearly labelled. Personal articles that are left within ‘The Crèche’ are left at the owner’s risk. ‘The Agency’ does not take responsibility for any loss or damage.

8. It is essential the ‘Parent’ of the ‘Child’ attending ‘The Crèche’ is contactable at all times and their location has been provided. If a ‘Child’ is sick, unwell, inconsolable, disruptive or requires one to one attention ‘The Agency’ are unable to provide, ‘The Agency’ may request the Parent collects and signs their ‘Child’ out of ‘The Crèche’ facility.

Behaviour Policy:
1. ‘The Agency’ and its ‘Crèche Nannies’ promote positive behaviour at all times by using praise and encouragement.

2. Any ‘Child’ that is continuously disruptive in such a way that it prevents other children from enjoying ‘The Crèche’ facilities safely, will be asked to be collected by their ‘Parent’

3. ‘The Agency’ and its ‘Crèche Nannies’ do not use any form of mental or physical punishment. Any behavioural problems are dealt with by diversion and discussion.

Child Protection:
1. All ‘Crèche Nannies’ hold a current Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure and are qualified and or experienced in childcare.

2. ‘The Agency’ do not allow any other adults into ‘The Crèche’ apart from the ‘Parents’, hosts, nominated persons or nursing parents.

3. ‘Children’ attending ‘The Crèche’ are to be signed in and out by the nominated person/s. Under no circumstances will the ‘Child’ be allowed to leave with anyone unauthorised.

Data Protection:
1. It is a legal requirement that information about the ‘Child’ is kept on site at all times. All ‘Parents’ using ‘The Crèche’ are required to complete and return a registration form which records the ‘Child’s’ name, address, ‘Parent’ contact details, special needs, special requirements, allergies and emergency contact details.

2. ‘The Agency’ is registered under the Data Protection Act and store records on site in accordance with statutory requirements during the operation of ‘The Crèche’.

3. The records detailed above will be stored securely at ‘The Agency’ HQ. These files will be destroyed securely in accordance with Data Protection regulations and other applicable statutory requirements.

4. ‘The Agency’ occasionally takes photographs of ‘Children’ undertaking activities during ‘The Crèche’. These photographs may be used within our brochure/marketing literature or to provide a photo album for ‘The Client’ and will be in no way derogatory or unsuitable. ‘The Agency will give ‘Parents’ the opportunity to choose for their ‘Child’ not to be photographed.