Parent Registration Process: step-1

  • Requirements

    STEP 1

    Parents obligations

  • Agency Fees and Terms

    STEP 2

    Agency Fees and Terms & Conditions

  • Registration

    STEP 3

    Parents registration form

Employer obligations:

Employing a nanny means you will have certain employer obligations which will need to be adhered to. These include:

  • Registering as an Employer with HMRC
  • providing your nanny with a standard contract of employment
  • Providing your nanny with payslips and where applicable deducting tax and NI contributions from their pay for HMRC
  • Registering your nanny on to an auto-enrolment pension scheme

You can expect the following hourly rates for a nanny:

  • New nanny: £8 – £10 per hour gross
  • Experienced nanny: £10 – £12 per hour gross
  • Before and after-school nanny: £12 – £15 per hour gross plus mileage between morning and afternoon shift
  • Adhoc/on-call nanny: £12 – 15 per hour gross

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