Our tutors are working in accordance with The Department of Education for Education and Childcare during the national lockdown and are taking the required protective measures as set out in guidance set out by the government for protective measures during the coronavirus outbreak.


  • The Parent & Child Nanny Agency is only providing face-to-face tutors and nanny/tutor service for vulnerable children, young people or for children of key workers only
  • Where face-to-face tutor and nanny tutor services are provided, these will be offered on a per-household basis only (ie no mixing of children from any other households)
  • Where face-to-face tutor and nanny tutor services are provided, social distancing and wearing a face covering will be required
  • All standard tutoring services are offered online only during the national lockdown
  • Live-in nanny/tutor services can be provided if a ‘bubble’ is formed in accordance with the details set out by The Department of Education.

Once it is safe to do so and allowable by The government and The Department of Education, childcare and tutor services will be offered on a face-to-face basis as well as online.

Find out if you are recognised as a critical key worker

Find out if you have a recognised as having a vulnerable child or young person

If we have asked you to confirm you are a critical key worker or have a vulnerable child or adult, please complete this form for our records:

Critical Key Worker Confirmation