Maternity Bookings


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The Parent & Child Nanny Agency offers an excellent and bespoke Maternity service. Our Professional and highly recommended Maternity Nurses and Maternity Nannies have the qualifications and experience in infant care to offer you the support you need during the early days and weeks following birth.

Our Maternity Nurses consist can offer live-in, live-out, nights and days. A Maternity Nurse usually works up to 24 hours per day and up to 6 days per week for as long a period as required.

A Maternity Nurse will assist and support you, adapting your parenting approach whilst offering advice and guidance on routines, sleeping and feeding.

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A Maternity Nurse is a qualified or experienced specialist in providing essential support, advice, care and respite to parents and newborn babies. A Maternity Nurse will ensure that the settling in period is a smooth, relaxed and highly enjoyable experience for everyone involved shortly after the birth of a new child.

A Maternity Nurse will carry out a range of extensive nursery duties. The general role of a maternity nurse is to provide support and assistance to a mother following a birth. Duties include:

  • Bottle/breast feeding, weaning
  • Bathing / dressing
  • Nanny changing
  • Skin care/general baby hygiene
  • Waking at night
  • Ensuring mother is healthy, rested and is eating/drinking well
  • Providing general advice and guidance
  • Offering general care and respite
A Parent & Child Maternity Nurse will work on a self-employed basis taking care of their own tax and NI and agreements and contracts are dealt with between Parent and Maternity Nurse.

Maternity fees vary depending on the requirements, length of booking and the number babies being cared for.

As a guide for a 24 hour period our Maternity Nurses charge £150.00 – £250 for a single baby and £200 – £350 + for multiples.

Daily and hourly rates are based upon £15-£25 per hour.

In addition, The Parent & Child Nanny Agency charge an agency booking fee of £40 per 24 hour period. Please take a look at our Terms & Conditions & Agency Fees.

As an employer of a Maternity Nurse, you will need to provide overnight accommodation where applicable. A Maternity Nurse can sleep in the nursery with baby, or in a separate room as preferred.

You will need to allow your Maternity Nurse time off during the day to rest in a separate room so she too can be fully rested and work sufficiently.

You will need to provide access to food and drink for the Maternity Nurse for the duration of her booking unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed.

Full details and booking preferences will be agreed directly with the Maternity Nurse and documented within an agreed contract.