Temporary Nanny Placements


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The Parent & Child Nanny Agency always has qualified and experienced nannies and childcare professionals available for temporary, short-term, and emergency placements. Whether this is one day or several months, our service can be completely personalised to meet your individual needs and requirements.

A Temporary Nanny is a childcarer who will care for your child/children on a short term basis. A Temporary Nanny may be booked for an emergency, a holiday, to assist in school holidays and many other scenarios for a booking period between 1 day – 12 weeks.

A Temporary Nanny will typically look after up to 4 children depending on the exact ages. This can be 4 children from different families or from the same family.

We work in accordance with Oftsed’s minimum staffing ratio’s on the following basis:

0 to 3 months 1 Temporary  Nanny per child

3 month to 5 years  1 Temporary Nanny to every 3 children

5 years to 12 years 1 Temporary Nanny to every 4 children

An administration fee is applicable per Temporary Nanny Per day. This fee will be invoiced once you are happy to confirm the booking. There is an increased fee for temporary nanny shares. Please see our Agency Terms & Conditions and Fees.
£15 per hour is payable directly to the Temporary Nanny.

In some rural areas or where we are unable to provide a local Nanny, a contribution towards travel costs is recommended. We will contact you to discuss if this is required.

All bookings are subject to a minimum 3.5 hour booking period

Booking a Temporary Nanny is simple:

  1. Complete our online booking form
  2. You will receive an automated booking confirmation
  3. We will confirm your Temporary Nanny booking by email and where required, arrange any telephone/skype interviews prior to the booking
  4. Our Temporary Nanny will introduce themselves
  5. Our Temporary Nanny will arrive 5 minutes prior to the booking start time
  6. Please take a look at our TEMPORARY NANNY FAQ’s for further details relating to this booking type.

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