Wedding Crèche

Allow your guests can relax and enjoy themselves in the knowledge that their children are being cared for and entertained by a team of appropriately qualified and experienced childcare professionals in a safe and secure and environment.

Our Wedding Play Crèche is an innovative addition to our portfolio of wedding and childcare services.

We will set up an array of fun filled games, crafts, toys and activities and will transform any given area into a fun and exciting space for your little guests to enjoy ensuring your bigger guests can relax and enjoy the wedding.

We offer:

☆ Bouncy castle and soft play
☆ Treasure and scavenger hunts
☆ Puppet shows
☆ Party Games
☆ Face painting
☆ Arts and crafts
☆ Lego, Happyland, Fairy Castles, farms and baby dolls
☆ Boards games, table football, twister and more
☆ Movies & Popcorn
☆ Storytime and Book Zone
☆ Outdoor toys and activities
☆ Pop up photo Booth

We work with local companies and event planners and can provide additional services such as magicians, ice cream van visits, entertainers and professional shows so whether you are organising a festival style wedding, a corporate sporting event or a traditional party Our crèche service is bespoke and can be customised and themed to your exacting requirements.

We are fully flexible and can coordinate with your event such as transferring the children to the crèche location at a particular time depending on your requirements. Our Crèche Nannies aim to provide quality care, and a fabulously fun filled day for all children taking part.

We can provide a mobile Crèche for any event including:

☆ Weddings
☆ Special events such as birthdays, christening or family celebrations
☆ Business Conferences, Corporate events and exhibitions
☆ Local business events
☆ School closures
☆ Christmas parties
☆ Sporting events
☆ Training events
☆ Charity events

Mobile Crèche Gallery

Book a Mobile Crèche 》

What is a Mobile Crèche?

A Mobile Crèche is a safe and secure childcare Facility where Parents and guardians can leave their child/children whilst attending a wedding or an event.

What Space is required to run a Mobile Crèche?

To book a Mobile Crèche, you will need a suitable sized space. This can be a room, a marquee, a hall or even a house. We will carry out a risk assessment on any space and confirm whether it is suitable for the number of children attending.

The space required in compliance with EYFS regulations is:

Age of children – Space for each child
Under 2 years – 3.5 square metres
2 years and over – 2.5 square metres
3 – 7 years –  2.3 square metres

What happens on the day of the Mobile Crèche booking?

  • On the day of your event we arrive a few hours prior to the booking to set up and decorate our Crèche.
  • We have a Crèche Manager at every event to ensure the smooth running of the Mobile Crèche.
  • Once we open, Parents can take their children in and out of the Crèche as often as they like using our security password system.

What is the staff to child ratio?

We work in accordance with Oftsed’d minimum staffing ratio’s on the following basis:

0 to 3 months 1 Event Nanny per child

3 month to 5 years  1 Event Nanny to every 3 children

5 years to 12 years 1 Event Nanny to every 4 children

Higher ratios will be needed if any child requires additional support.

What safety and security procedures are in place?

We will conduct a health & safety and risk assessment on your venue

  • Every child must have a registration form completed and signed by their parent/guardian to ensure we hold all relevant details about the child, such as special needs or allergies as well as emergency contact details
  • We use a password collection system I order to ensure children only leave the Crèche with an authorised person
  • All Crèche Nannies hold a current Enhanced DBS Disclosure
  • The Parent & Child Nanny Agency are registered under the Data Protection Act and run our Crèche facility in accordance with data protection statutory requirements.
  • We do not allow adults into the Crèche apart from the parents, guardian or hosts.

How do I book a Mobile Crèche?

  1. Simply complete our Mobile Crèche Quotation Form providing details of the location, number of children attending and their ages and we will provide a breakdown of costs
  2. If you wish to proceed you will need to complete our Mobile Crèche Booking Form
  3. We request a small deposit to confirm the booking
  4. We will liaise with you or your event planner to discuss all aspects of the Crèche booking
  5. We will carry out a risk assessment on the allocated space