Setting up as an employer with HMRC and dealing with payroll, pensions, tax and national insurance can often be the most daunting aspect of hiring a nanny. A nanny payroll service will help with all of this and is an invaluable service dedicated to ensuring a smooth and easy stress free process.

Which nanny payroll company shall I use?
There are hundreds of large and small nanny payroll providers available to choose from online, The Parent & Child Nanny Agency has worked closely with Way2paye since 2010 and received 100% client satisfaction feedback. Way2paye is an established payroll company offering all clients a friendly and professional service.

What to expect from a nanny payroll company?
A nanny payroll company will provide you with a payroll service for a small annual fee. When employing a nanny, a payroll service will:

  • Set you up as an employer with HMRC
  • Calculate pension, tax and national insurance amounts to deduct from your nanny’s salary
  • Provide details of how to pay HMRC and when
  • Provide payslips for your nanny
  • Provide calculations and information on SMP, SSP and holiday entitlement
  • Provide pay and legal advice to employers
  • Newsletters and updates on employment law
  • Alternative payroll options for small businesses