Thank you

Thank you for completing our Temporary Nanny Booking Form.

The next steps to completing the booking are as follows:

  • Please pay a fully refundable booking deposit* fee of £10 CLICK HERE TO MAKE THE PAYMENT
  • We will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm your booking or provide an update on our progress
  • We will provide a full booking confirmation email
  • You will receive a complimentary text message from our temporary nanny
  • On the day of the booking our temporary nanny will arrive a few minutes prior to the start time with photo identification
  • You will pay the temporary nanny an hourly rate on the day of each booking

*The £10 booking deposit is a good-will-gesture showing your commitment to the booking which we will immediately act upon as a priority. Please rest assured the booking deposit is fully refundable if:
a: we are unable to fulfil your requirement for a temporary nanny
b: we fill your requirement, this charge is then offset against the temporary nanny booking fee as stipulated below.
This fee is not refundable if you cancel the temporary nanny service once the booking has been confirmed.

Temporary booking fees payable once we have secured your temporary nanny:
Week Day Introduction – £25.00 per day/night
Weekend / Bank Holiday Introduction – £30.00 per day/night
Emergency (same day) Introductions – £40 per day/night/weekend day
Proxy-Parent/Overseas Introduction – £60 per 24 hours

The Parent & Child Nanny Agency will be in contact shortly to confirm your booking.