Your hosts have arranged wedding childcare for their special day so relax and enjoy yourself and let us take care of your little ones.

The Parent & Child Nanny Agency are providing one or more of the following childcare services at the forthcoming wedding:
(Please contact your host directly to find out exactly which service we are providing)

Mobile Crèche: We set up a fully secure pop-up mobile crèche. The crèche will contain age related games, toys, activities, soft play, arts and crafts, treasure hunt and much more.

Event Nannies: Our Event nannies will be assisting with childcare but will not have any games or toys and it is the responsibility of your hosts/individual families to bring along activities for their child whilst being cared for by the event nannies.

Event Babysitters: Our nannies will provide a babysitting service after 6pm for sleeping children. We may also offer a Slumber party during the evening, especially if we are accommodating older children.

Our team of qualified and experienced professional event nannies are on-hand to assist at the event. Event nannies have been vetted, DBS checked, reference checked, id verified and personally met and interviewed by us for complete peace of mind.

We thought it would be helpful to advise you on what may be helpful to bring and consider when attending our childcare facility at a wedding.

  • Bring a labelled bag for each child with labelled belongings such as beakers/bottles/toys
  • Wedding food is not always as fun for children as it is for grown up’s so think about additional snacks
  • Nappy bag with wipes and sacs
  • Change of clothes / pj’s if we are providing babysitting or a slumber party service
  • Small selection of toys/games/activities/a reading book that will keep your child amused (unless we are running a Mobile Crèche)
  • Baby seat / travel cot or pram for your baby to sleep or seated babies
  • Special blanket/toy/comforter/soother
  • Coat/warm jumper  – we like to make use of outdoor space where possible
  • provide our Event Nannies with essential information about your child/children and print 1 Child Information Form per child and bring with you on the day
The Parent & Child Nanny Agency can provide you with a private event nanny or event babysitter for your own children on the day. Please contact us using the contact form or email nannies@parentandchild.co.uk
Please download and complete the Child Information Form on this page, complete and bring with you on the day. This information will assist our event nannies when caring for your children.

We hope both little and big guests have a wonderful time!