As schools, nurseries, playgroups, childcare settings are closing around us, we are advised to social distance and to keep children home where possible. Many children will face the effects of a new unconventional routine, disruption and adversity. It is therefore of the greatest importance we are creative with our ideas to ensure a well-balanced environment is created for our children at a time of great uncertainty.

Here are just a few ideas of what we can do for our children

★ Create  a new timetable of daily/weekly activities, children thrive on routine and stability. For children that attend school/nursery settings, shadow some of the day-day activities they would ordinarily expect (for example p.e/exercise/dance time, break times, guided reading… remember though, we are not trying to recreate a school at home so this shouldn’t be a military practice.

★ Plan meals in advance, freeze and bulk cook, this way you will have more time to spend with your children and as such, there will be less pressure on you.

★ Teach your children new skills, cooking and baking is a key life skill which is not widely taught in schools.

★ Allow for virtual social time – older children will need to connect with friends for social well-being, if your child has use of a phone they will feel connected and can gain support from peers in the same boat.

★ If you decide to go outside, be vigilant, follow recommended advice about social distancing, hand washing and sanitising to protect you and others from coronavirus. There are many advantages to living in the south west including our beautiful coastlines and open green spaces.

The National Trust has opened all open spaces to the public free of charge. visiting and exploring new places is a fun way to let off steam, exercise and re-group.

★ Look online for resources, printable templates, craft ideas and equipment that can be ordered online to avoid unnecessarily shopping in public.

We will be updating this page with further recommendations, ideas and resources.